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Each registered school will have its own ballot, which will be protected by password. Each school coordinator will be given the unique username and password. In addition, we can customize your school's ballot if you are voting online. Look at the printable ballots below and let us know if you would like anything changed for your school. Do you want to vote on the ballot propositions, or just certain races?

Please practice voting using your school's actual ballot. Practice voting will continue through Friday October 22.
Student votes cast between Monday Oct 25, and Friday, Oct 29, will be counted.

Choose your school from the list below.

School ballots for Voting  
Alisal High School  
Carmel Middle School  
Creekside School 
Frank Paul School  
Gonzales High School  
La Paz Middle School  
Los Arboles Middle School  
Monterey High School  
Natividad School  
Oasis Charter School  
San Benancio Middle School  

Election server provided through the generosity of Monterey Bay Internet.
Questions or comments?  Email the Mock Election Committee.
Last updated: 25 October 2010